Best Child Custody Lawyer in Arkansas

When looking for the best child custody lawyers in Arkansas, there are several notable law firms that specialize in this area and offer a range of services to suit different needs:

  1. N.D. Lewis Law Firm: Located in Cabot, AR, they provide free consultations and are known for their dedicated service in child custody cases. You can reach them at 501-550-1897​ (FindLaw)​.
  2. The Law Office of Cliff Collins: Also based in Cabot, AR, they offer free consultations for child custody matters. Contact them at 501-712-5202 for more information​ (FindLaw)​.
  3. The Jackson Law Firm, LLC: Serving Little Rock and located in Conway, AR, this firm offers expertise in child custody cases. They can be contacted at 501-588-3427​ (FindLaw)​.
  4. The Sanders Firm PLLC: This Conway-based firm offers both in-person and virtual consultations. They can be reached at 501-400-7352​ (FindLaw)​.
  5. The Madden Law Firm: With several office locations, including in Conway, they provide free consultations for child custody issues​ (FindLaw)​.
  6. Tapp Law Firm: Located in Hot Springs, AR, they offer specialized services in child custody and can be contacted at 501-623-9800​ (FindLaw)​.
  7. BEF Law Firm, PLLC: Also in Hot Springs, they’re known for their commitment to child custody cases and can be reached at 501-550-3030​ (FindLaw)​.
  8. Sprott, Golden & Bardwell: Based in Harrison, AR, they offer experienced legal services in child custody. You can contact them at 870-741-3633​ (FindLaw)​.
  9. WH Law: They specialize in modifying child custody and support agreements and are known for their compassionate approach. They offer free consultations and can be reached at 501-888-4357​ (WH Law)​.
  10. Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates: They provide experienced guidance in child custody matters and can help you understand how new custody laws in Arkansas may impact your situation. Contact them at 501-588-4451 or 866-311-3815​ (Robertson, Oswalt & Associates)​.
  11. Schnipper, Britton & Stobaugh: This firm, located in Hot Springs, is well-versed in child custody matters, focusing on creating a healthy environment for children involved. They can be reached at 501-762-0887​ (Hot Springs Ark Law)​.
  12. The Wright Law Firm: Based in Little Rock, they offer experienced representation in child custody, child support, and more. Contact them at 501-376-0400​ (The Wright Law Firm)​.

These firms are known for their commitment to protecting the rights of parents and ensuring the best interests of the children in child custody cases. They offer a range of services, from consultation to representation in court, tailored to each client’s unique situation.

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