Best Child Custody Lawyer in Colorado

In Colorado, several law firms stand out for their expertise in handling child custody cases. These firms offer a range of services and demonstrate a deep understanding of the complexities involved in child custody matters.

  1. Loomis & Greene Law Firm: They specialize in both physical and legal custody cases and emphasize crafting parenting plans that prioritize the child’s best interests. Their approach is inclusive, providing services for both mothers and fathers in custody disputes​ (Loomis & Greene)​.
  2. GEM Family Law: Serving Denver, GEM Family Law is known for helping clients navigate and resolve custody matters effectively, prioritizing the client’s needs and the well-being of the children involved​ (FindLaw)​.
  3. The Harris Law Firm: This Denver-based firm focuses on both legal and physical custody, aiming to craft arrangements that best support the child’s health, happiness, and emotional development. They pay special attention to the child’s best interests, which is the guiding principle in all custody decisions​ (The Harris Law Firm, P.C.)​.
  4. Hannah Van Roekel at Van Roekel Law Firm, LLC: Hannah Van Roekel is recognized for her work in custody and visitation cases, offering services in the Denver area​ (​.
  5. The Dadvocates: Specializing in supporting fathers’ rights, The Dadvocates assist in designing parenting plans and guiding clients through the court decision process. They are particularly focused on ensuring fathers have an active role in their children’s lives​ (The Dadvocates)​.
  6. Modern Family Law: With a focus on child custody in Colorado Springs, they provide comprehensive advice on modifying parenting plans, establishing paternity, and enforcing parenting time agreements. They emphasize a compassionate approach to custody cases​ (Modern Family Law)​.
  7. Knies, Helland & McPherson Law: This firm takes into account the “best interest” factors in child custody, considering each family’s unique circumstances. They also provide assistance with emergency custody orders and advise on when to file for child custody​ (Knies, Helland & McPherson Law)​.
  8. Robinson and Henry: They offer a range of child custody resources and aim to preserve family ties while navigating the complexities of custody arrangements​ (Robinson & Henry)​.

Each of these firms brings a wealth of experience and a nuanced understanding of Colorado’s child custody laws. They provide valuable support and legal representation to parents navigating the challenging process of determining the best custody arrangements for their children.

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