Birth Defect Lawyer Hanover Park IL

For those seeking a birth defect lawyer in Hanover Park, IL, there are several skilled attorneys in the area with expertise in handling cases involving birth injuries and medical malpractice.

  1. Maritote Law: This firm, led by Attorney Mark Maritote, offers representation for various birth injury cases. They have a strong background in medical malpractice litigation, including significant verdicts and settlements for birth injury cases. Their focus includes cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, and other physical traumas to infants during the birthing process. You can reach them at (630) 830-9300 or (630) 940-9982​ (Maritote Law)​.
  2. This firm provides specialized services for birth defects and injuries. They have experience in distinguishing between birth injuries and defects, understanding the complexity of these cases, especially when proving negligence and causation. They also tackle cases involving teratogens, which are chemical agents that can cause birth defects. Contact them at (888) 258-6665 for further details​ (I Am Calling My Lawyer)​.
  3. FindLaw’s Directory: Although not a law firm, FindLaw’s directory can be a useful resource for finding highly rated birth injury lawyers in Hanover Park, IL. It lists various law firms in the area, giving you a range of options to consider based on your specific case needs​ (FindLaw)​.

These firms are equipped to investigate cases where medical negligence is suspected to be the cause of birth injuries. They can guide you through the legal process, helping you seek justice and compensation for the injuries and hardships faced.

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