Hardwood Floor Refinishing Denver

Here’s a comprehensive overview of hardwood floor refinishing services in Denver:

  1. Fabulous Floors Denver offers both resurfacing and refinishing services. Resurfacing, which is quicker and more cost-effective, involves removing the existing finish to eliminate surface imperfections and then applying a new polyurethane coating. It’s a dustless and odorless process. For more serious damage like deep scratches or warped boards, they provide a refinishing service where floors are sanded down to bare wood, stained, and sealed with high-quality polyurethane​ (Fabulous Floors Denver)​.
  2. The Flooring Artists specialize in identifying the best hardwood flooring options and finishes for your home. They pride themselves on efficient, dustless refinishing with modern sanding machines. They also offer concrete polishing, epoxy services, and staircase refinish and replacement​ (The Flooring Artists)​.
  3. Calabrese Flooring Co is known for its White Oak Rift and Quartered Sawn Hardwood Flooring, offering a sophisticated and durable option for both residential and commercial settings. They also provide various wood species choices like red oak, walnut, and maple​ (WoodFloorInstall)​.
  4. Ed Hoffman Floor Service provides a range of hardwood flooring options such as maple, bamboo, Brazilian cherry, etc. They emphasize quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, with a focus on efficient and effective service​ (Ed Hoffman Floor Service)​.
  5. Footprints Floors specializes in staircase renovations and hardwood floor restoration. They are noted for their professionalism and efficiency, offering a wide range of flooring services including bathroom tile jobs and LVP floors​ (FootprintFloors)​.
  6. Grace Flooring Co offers a variety of services including hardwood flooring, carpet installation, tile and stone, and vinyl flooring. They emphasize craftsmanship, cost-effective solutions, and work with various flooring companies​ (Grace Flooring Co.)​.
  7. Mighty Fine Hardwood Floors is led by Shane Miller, who has a personal story of dedication to hardwood flooring. The company focuses on the craftsmanship in hardwood sanding and finishing, ensuring high-quality results with a personalized touch​ (Mighty Fine Hardwood)​.
  8. SOEN Hardwood emphasizes the safety of their hardwood finishes, using environmentally friendly products with low or 0% VOC. They offer dustless sanding with advanced containment systems and tailor the hardwood refinishing process to the specifics of each project​ (Soen Hardwood)​.
  9. Van Camp’s Quality Floors has over 35 years of experience and offers comprehensive hardwood floor refinishing services. They use high-quality materials like Bona water-based urethane and pride themselves on their reliability and craftsmanship. They are also recommended by Historic Denver and have an A+ rating with the BBB​ (Van Camp’s Quality Floors)​.

For more specific details or to get quotes, you can contact these companies directly. Their services cover a wide range of needs from basic refinishing to more complex restoration and installation projects.

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